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An Ode to February

February remains bittersweet in this town of trees and weedsThe sun teases our shoulders, frolicking to us and away again before I can turn my headPeaking ‘round the corner, making all look like a foolSpring is shuttering and winter’s goodbyes are … Continue reading

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the declaration

i am the king of all that surrounds me i’ll hold this ground until you see that everything is worthy and everything holds beauty although that sounds cliche it will always be my duty to make this claim and make … Continue reading

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untitled 5

attempting to wash away the bits of me, clung on from last year for i am changed, a full and peaceful being but itches i get that i must scratch: immaturity and compulsive decisions scrubbing at my face, please leave … Continue reading

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untitled 4

breaking cinnamon sticks, spreading spice across the tile throwing glitter, imagining my own fairytale spilling sugar, making mountains in my palms leaving the dust, pretending i don’t exist

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untitled 3

two decembers back was the month i saw your face carved into my mind, the negative crystal clear opening everything to meet me, it was impossible to say no two decembers back, and i still can’t sleep sewn into my … Continue reading

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The coffee shop

The chai scalds my throat, scorching the bits of me left from my last meal nearly everything in its path Cinnamon smiles and small talk, fill this little coffee shop The clutter of sound- burnt beans grinding, whipping cream, and … Continue reading

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